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With special operations and executive leadership experience, Matt Schneider helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and teams explode their potential to dominate their fields of expertise.

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Why Choose Matt

His experience and track record are unmatched.

The Ignition Year Coaching program was developed by combining my 7 years in Special Operations, my experience as a seasoned and successful entrepreneur of my own companies, and my accomplishments in investing, leading, and growing multiple – multi-million dollar international companies.

Our Mission

To develop company leaders, organizational structure, and cohesive teams that overtake their competition and enjoy the opportunities that come with greater profits.


The only way an entrepreneur’s mission is carried out and the vision for the company is realized, is through teamwork. The IYC program focuses on developing each person on the team to think, act, and work as an Intrapreneur. Company leaders learn how to optimize the human systems and performance within the organization and each team member learns what’s in it for them as they help drive company profits.


It’s a universal truth that Leadership is Always the problem and it’s Always the solution. The Ignition Year Coaching program goes deep into the various ways and places to effectively lead, and the pitfalls many Leaders fall into that get in the way of a company hitting its full potential.


It’s well understood how important Communication is. So why do so many employees lack clarity on key issues? It all comes down to Trust, Clarity, Redundancy, and Mediums. If one or more of those isn’t optimized, communication breaks down. Throughout the IYC program, we get the team on the same page, on the same line on that page, and on the same word on that page.

Nothing to lose.|Everything to gain!

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Your company’s issues and opportunities are unique, and so are the solutions to addressing them. A “one size fits all” approach found in books and conferences isn’t customized for your team and company.

Schedule a FREE 60-min coaching session and see how I can get you on the right path within an hour.

I coach my clients to always lead with value. People do business with those they like and trust. There is absolutely no obligation to move forward with coaching after your free call. However, if you like the value you received and you want me to help you quickly unify your team and dramatically scale your business, we can discuss how to apply to become a client.

See what they’re saying

Awesome clients who launched their companies into an entirely new category of success.

There’s no better proof of the effectiveness of my coaching than the testimonials from my clients and their teams who are dominating personally and professionally.

The benefits of working with Matt









“I was stuck in a loop for the past 10 years and couldn’t seem to break out no matter what I tried. Working with Matt for just a couple of months drastically changed my direction. Freeing up time, increase in revenue, and an overall broader vision of what’s possible in a career I thought was full of dead end roads. If you’re thinking about signing up, just pull the trigger! You won’t regret it.”

Sam S.
Owner/Tattoo Artist, Sam Scott Art

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The Monday Mindset

Start your week off with some great words of wisdom from Matt.

What is “LEGACY” Anyway?

What is “LEGACY” Anyway?

Matt Schneider speaks some hard truths about legacy and how what we do and who we are (even still) matters. Make sure to implement the 3 calls to action.

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