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Hi, I’m Matt Schneider…

Matt Schneider is the Executive Vice-President & equity owner of a global software (SaaS) company with a target valuation of over $150M. He is also the co-founder of The MDK Project (A leadership development program helping men from all over the world) and The Squire Program (a young men’s and father/son development program).

Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Matt spent 7 years in Special Operations on SWAT and was a TFO on the United States Marshal’s Office Fugitive Team.

Through his unique background and experience in business and leadership, Matt has helped dozens of 7 and 8 figure companies generate greater profits by elevating leadership, team cohesion, and problem-solving complex issues costing massive amounts of time and money, while also implementing a proven Organizational Operating System that gets the entire team aligned on the company vision and the team’s role as Intrapreneurs.

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Our Story

About Ignition Year Coaching

The ignition year coaching program was developed by combining my 7 years in Special Operations within SWAT and the US Marshals: Fugitive Team – and my over 10 years as a successful entrepreneur and executive leader of multiple – multi-million dollar international companies. As the current Executive Vice President and equity owner of a global software (SaaS) company with a target valuation of over $150M, I practice what I preach on a daily basis.

Nothing to lose.|Everything to gain!

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Your company’s issues and opportunities are unique, and so are the solutions to addressing them. A “one size fits all” approach found in books and conferences isn’t customized for your team and company.

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I coach my clients to always lead with value. People do business with those they like and trust. There is absolutely no obligation to move forward with coaching after your free call. However, if you like the value you received and you want me to help you quickly unify your team and dramatically scale your business, we can discuss how to apply to become a client.

My Four Foundational Principles





“It was special operations that taught me how to solve complex problems in dynamically evolving environments. Weapons and tactics aside, there are 4 foundational principles of special operations.”

Those principles kept our team sharp and cohesive. They kept us locked on to our objectives and determined our priorities of work. They empowered us to lead, as well as to follow. And when shit hit the fan, those principles are what brought our team home in one piece.

Now, I train entrepreneurs on those same principles so they can overwhelmingly dominate their “battle space”.

I’ll show you how to lead through moral authority, create a cohesive team that’s committed to the vision and core values of the company, incorporate a battle-tested structure through an organizational operating system and I’ll help your team adopt the “one team, one fight” mindset that will result in every single annual goal for the company being hit.